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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fly on the wall, don't let me be. That fly on the wall that knows it all. Those nosy
flies whose eyes espy snippets they knit into well spun yarns.

Some people just can't mind their business. Some thrive on other peoples news to have something to say over the morning cup of tea next door. Have to dump some gossip in while dunking biscuits. What else would they talk about? They don't really want their own news coming to the fore. Better that left behind closed doors.

So all the "did ya hear about?"s, ...the "then he..."'s " and the "tsk tsk..."'s cluck from tongues that have nothing better to do. Snoops and gossips have their place, because they can't keep pace with the human race. My advice to them is to get a hobby since they obviously have no life of their own to speak of.

If they're talking about you, don't fret; at least you have a life!
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